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Oil Painting Course

We shall approach the Oil painting by degrees.

In the initial stage, we shall get acquainted with the materials used throughout the course: brushes, colours, cardboards, canvases, plates, thinners and oils, wax, agglutinants and paints.

We shall start the Course by learning the basics of monochromatic colours through the drawing with graphite, we then proceed with learning how to use pastels analyzing, this way, the characteristics of primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

All this will be useful to students so that they do not have to start from zero, and will also facilitate the learning of the use of oil colours.

During the Course we shall analyze: the composition of the oil, the colours mostly used by the professionals, special additives (the wax, the agglutinants, the paints), how to prepare a stand for painting (cardboard, canvas, plate).

We shall learn how to use some of the most used techniques: fat-over-lean, the fusion of colours, glazing, painting on dry oil and adding textures in order to work over different thicknesses.

All the learning stages will be followed by the practical application of the acquired techniques.

The subjects we shall deal with range from still life, to portrait and landscape, up to the abstract composition.