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Mosaic Course

PasseroMosaics originated for practical reasons harmonizing the antithesis for the Romans,  the ’utilitas’ (usefulness) and the decor.

As a matter of fact, during ancient times this art was considered to be the only one able to streamline the evanescent decorative art.

The main aim of the Mosaic Course is to teach the technical-creative principles of the mosaic work, which range from theHellenic Mosaic ( opus lapilli ), to the Roman one ( opus vermicolarum, opus tessellatum) up to the early Byzantinearchitectural mosaics (opus musivum ).

In fact, a close physical collaborator of the mental principle is the manual principle; it represents the strongest physical means with which man is able, artistically, to show his thoughts materially.

The artistic ability can be recognized by the tactile sensitivity and the skill of the worker in managing the material of his art.

For this reason, the art can only be expressed through tactile mechanics.

The deftness is the principle of every form of art, it is a technical force which is indispensable for the translation of man’s thought into an artistic work.

The Mosaic Course is organized so as to allow everybody to learn manually the stages of the setting up of a mosaic, from the choice of the most suitable materials to the study of the mosaic texture.
Structure of the basic course:

Direct Manner:

  • Choice of the subject.
  • The cut of the stony materials.
  • Preparation of the mortars.
  • Laying of the tesserae.

Students will be followed individually, according to the various methods of learning.

Deepening Course:

  • Planning of the mosaic decoration.
  • Indirect manner and a useful technique to create plane surfaces.
  • Direct manner on a temporary stand, it allows the worker to have a better control over the surface and a refined execution.
  • Mosaic restoration.