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Ceramics Course

The Ceramics Course is open to all ages and levels of experience.
The Course starts with the knowledge of tools, which are very simple, and of the classic techniques used for the working of natural clays (white earthenware, red clays, fire-resisting clays, fireclays etc….).

During the subsequent stage of the Ceramics Course, we shall start realizing crockery and various gift and fancy goods in a practical way and by hand.

As regards the manual realization of a ceramic object, we shall learn how to use the classic techniques (Colombino, slabs, moulding, leakage) up to the baking of the object and its final decoration.

We shall then proceed with learning the classic ceramic decorating techniques (decoration on bisques, decoration on raw enamel); we shall also learn about the modern techniques which use acrylic colours and paint, that means cold paints which do not need baking and that are suitable for interior decorations, with a lively and modern taste.

We shall also learn “specifically” the “LEAKAGE” technique which allows to reproduce objects of any kind with plaster moulds in an “industrial” manner.