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Sculpture / Moulding Course

This technique is complementary and necessary in order to transform and make a simple object, made of frail clay or a work of art, last forever.

The Moulding Course includes the learning of classic techniques of plaster moulding which have always been used for the reproduction of objects of any type and use, made with clay or other materials.

The Plaster Moulding is still considered today to be an art which is necessary to the “Cinema“ and the “Television “ in order to realize period scenographies and furnishings, to Museums and Art Foundries to realize bronze works, to the Ceramics Industries and the Ceramic Artisans.

Furthermore, the Moulding Course allows to learn the techniques used for the realization of plaster stucco works (Rose windows, Arches, Columns, Frames, etc…) still made today with the classic techniques (Modine, Forms etc …) to furnish rooms in an elegant and refined way.

To be “specific“, throughout this Course we shall also study in depth the moulding applied to the “LEAKAGE” technique which allows to reproduce objects made of ceramic and any other types with moulds in an “industrial” manner.