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Drawing Course

  • Drawing from life
  • Drawing from photography
  • Chiaroscuro techniques
  • Squared drawing

This course will enable you to learn the techniques ofdrawing from life and drawing from photography.

When talking about drawing from life we mean how to lay out a still life, a portrait or any other thing which one wishes to draw from life.
As regards drawing from photography, we refer to the study of the drawing and its chiaroscuro through a photograph, preferably a black and white one.

Both techniques can be performed by sight or with thesquared technique, often used to carry out a drawing in the most precise possible manner.
The necessary materials are: format A3 (F4) white smooth and coarse sheets, pencils (B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B), a white rubber, a pencil sharpener; a paper cutter and paper based sticky tape.