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Ceramic Painting Course

In the initial stage of the Course, students will learn how to use the materials with which they are going to work: colours, brushes and tools for the colour processing.

Initially the students will learn the techniques of the working and treatment of a ceramic stand, they are going to learn about the decoration under crystalline with its related practical applications.

1^ Stage of the Course: knowledge and treatment of the stand, decoration under crystalline with old clays which can be mixed together: in order to obtain fruits, flowers and landscape with a watercolour effect.

After the initial stage and the application of the early techniques, students will then learn how to decorate on enamel.

2^ Stage of the Course: decorations on enamel.
It will be possible to imitate the 16th century old decorations or simply geometrical decorations on semifinished stands.

3^ Stage of the Course: decorations with enamels (Cuerda Seca).
Study of the Cuerda Seca, learning of the basic and advanced techniques.
In this case students shall work with colours given with a thickness, stemmed by a limit of manganese with very beautiful relief effects.

The practical applications of all the acquired techniques are fundamental, since they will practically take the students through the learning of all the decoration stages.