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Porcelain Painting Course

Basic and specialization courses.

We shall deal with all the painting techniques in a classic and modern style: soft oil pen work, Scandinavian technique, working on gold, fake marbles, fake wood, fake brier-root etc…

American and Classic Technique
With this technique it is possible to obtain very light images, all the colours, shades and nuances created give a sensation of graceful delicacy.

Trompe l’Oeil Technique
Trompe l’Oeil is a French term which indicates that technique that has the aim of “deceiving the eye”.

This technique is used for realizing on porcelain imitations of materials, like marble, wood, lapislazuli, brier-root, etc… 

Technique on Gold
By using this technique during the decoration on porcelain, one can use the gold as a base for the colour.

The use of the gold together with the colour, which gets used to create those delicate movements of shades and nuances, gives a special and refined effect to the object created with this technique.

Scandinavian Technique
The Scandinavian technique is a modern porcelain decorating technique born in the Scandinavian Countries.

Thanks to the use of some mixtures it is possible to create excavating and relief areas on the porcelain surface.

This way we shall obtain an irregular surface of the object with areas made of excavations and reliefs in which it is possible to set materials of various types, like: pearls, glass, etc…